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Artist Statement

My work is a load of old rubbish.

My art practice starts with beachcombing. I collect and re-present found objects, to highlight the impact of our throwaway society on the natural environment.

The materials I use are dictated by whatever the tide brings. Some are natural objects, but most are synthetic items either deliberately discarded or accidentally abandoned on the shore or at sea.

Some of my work involves creating assemblage sculptures and collages, inspired by the transformative effects of seawater and sunlight in eroding and distorting familiar objects into new organic shapes. More recently, I have also extended the concept of applying sunlight, salt and water to my found objects to create cyanotype photograms.

I transform ugly waste plastics into deceptively beautiful but dystopian images, where trash imitates nature.

The viewer may not immediately notice that what they are looking at is actually rubbish.

I invite the viewer to look again, more closely, and reflect on what they see.

I aim to raise consciousness and awareness of the increase in plastic pollution, particularly since the pandemic and the proliferation of discarded PPE.

Each work aims to create, quite literally, a blueprint for change.